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American Indian Studies (Certificate)

North Idaho College
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About the Program

The Academic Certificate in American Indian Studies will help prepare students for a profession in a tribal community or off-reservation organizations serving Native people. In addition, it will serve and benefit anyone in professions already working in the fields of education, governance, resource management, health, social services, law, etc., that deal with American Indian history, culture, communities, and enterprises at one level or another. The certificate will provide an in-depth working familiarity of tribal communities, health-related industries, tribal history, culture, linguistics, and policy issues. The certificate curriculum requires a core of 15 credit hours. The certificate allows students to apply earned credits toward an AA with emphasis in American Indian Studies.

Program Requirements

  • American Indian Studies Certificate Requirements complete the following 4 requirements
    15 credits
    Complete AIST-101 and AIST-250 with a minimum grade of C-.
    AIST101 - American Indian Studies
    3 credits
    AIST250 - Amer Indian Sovereignty Policy
    3 credits
    Complete AIST-225 or ANTH-225 with a minimum grade of C-.
    AIST225 - Native People N America
    3 credits
    ANTH225 - Native People of North America
    3 credits
    Complete AIST-285 or ENGL-285 with a minimum grade of C-.
    AIST285 - American Indian Literature
    3 credits
    ENGL285 - American Indian Literature
    3 credits
    Complete AIST-240 or HIST-240 with a minimum grade of C-.
    AIST240 - American Indian History
    3 credits
    HIST240 - American Indian History
    3 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.