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Sales Management (Certificate)

University of Idaho
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Instruction Method
Time to Degree
2 semesters

About the Program

Nothing happens until someone sells something, making sales the lifeblood of all organizations and one of the most in-demand careers. This certification will help you develop your prospecting, negotiating and closing skills while learning how to create and execute informed sales strategies and use data to assess performance. Earning a certificate in sales management, you'll learn to increase employee retention and sales through compensation, motivation and supervision. You’ll maximize outcomes in face-to-face and online negotiations with employees and customers. Explore the creation of different customer values across international markets. With the knowledge you’ll gain from this certificate, you’ll utilize modeling, data analytics and customer relationship management software to support sales efforts. Launch or advance your career as a territory account manager, customer success manager or sales operations manager.

Program Requirements

  • Requirements take the following courses, take 12 credits
    12 credits
    All required coursework must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better
    BUS303 - Business Negotiations
    3 credits
    MKTG321 - Marketing
    3 credits
    MKTG422 - Sales Management
    3 credits
    MKTG432 - Advanced Sales Management
    3 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.