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Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Master Degree
Idaho State University

About the Program

The MBA represents one of the most widely recognized graduate degrees, preparing students from diverse backgrounds with an advanced understanding of the business world. The College of Business is home to the state’s first MBA program and offers a high standard, in-person or online program all accredited by the AACSB. Students also have the opportunity to complete this affordable degree in just one year or choose from multiple dual degree options.

Students in our MBA program have the opportunity to apply for our graduate assistantship program, allowing them to complete their degree tuition paid while earning a stipend. Students can also participate in a variety of experiential learning opportunities including the ICBSC, Bengal Solutions, MBA-NIATEC and more.

Program Requirements

  • Pre-Requisites complete the following 7 requirements
    21 credits
    MGT 2216
    MBA 6610 or both ECON 2201 and ECON 2202
    MBA 66611 or both ACCT 2201 and ACCT 2202
    MBA 6612 or MGT 3312
    MBA 6613 or MKTG 2225
    MBA 6614 or MGT 3329
    MBA 6615 or FIN 3315
  • MBA-II Requirements take the following courses, take 21 credits
    21 credits
    Take the following courses:
    MBA6620 - Quant Info for Bus Decisions
    3 credits
    MBA6621 - Managerial Decision-Making
    3 credits
    MBA6622 - Financial Management
    3 credits
    MBA6623 - Marketing in Consumer Culture
    3 credits
    MBA6626 - Business Policy and Strategy
    3 credits
    MBA6628 - Applied Business Solutions
    3 credits
    MBA6637 - Intro to Business Analytics
    3 credits
  • 9 additional credits in an emphasis area (Chosen with your advisor)
    9 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.