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History (M.A.)

Master Degree
Idaho State University
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Instruction Method
Time to Degree
2 semesters

About the Program

Mission: The MA in History trains students to explore established and emerging historical problems. The curriculum integrates traditional and interdisciplinary approaches to historical research with the development of digital and professional skills. Students take courses in historical content, digital methods, research methodology, and professional development. An MA in History prepares students to use their historical, technical, and applied training in a variety of teaching, research, and other positions, including schools, museums, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, government agencies, or further graduate study for academic careers.

A minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate work is required to complete the program. Fifteen of these credits must be at the 6600-level.

Program Requirements

  • Required Courses take the following courses, take 3-6 credits
    3 - 6 credits
    Take the following courses:
    HIST6600 - Graduate Proseminar
    3 credits
    HIST6620 - Research and Writing Seminar
    3 credits
  • Electives take the following courses, take 3-12 credits
    3 - 12 credits
    Electives: Choose from the following to complete the credit requirements:
    HIST6605 - Intro Grad Studies in History
    3 credits
    HIST6610 - Intro to Digital Humanities
    3 credits
    HIST6623 - Global Idaho
    3 credits
    HIST6664 - Graduate Internship
    3 - 12 credits
    HIST6645 - Independent Research Project
    1 - 6 credits
    HIST6650 - Thesis
    1 - 9 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.