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Nursing Education: Education Option (M.S.N.)

Master Degree
Idaho State University
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Instruction Method
Time to Degree
2 semesters

About the Program

M.S., Nursing Education Option Program Outcomes Bachelor of Science (BS) to Master of Science (MS). Students enrolled in the Nursing Education option will be prepared to:

Use an evidence based approach that critically applies evidence and integrates theory and research findings to enhance nursing practice. Assume a leadership role in managing human, fiscal, and physical health care resources demonstrating application of health care policy, organization, and financing of healthcare. Understand principles, personal values and beliefs that provide a framework for nursing practice. Analyze systems of health care and determine how the values underpinning them influence care delivered. Understand the nursing profession, advanced nursing roles, the requirements for, and regulation of these roles, and integrate the advanced nursing role into the graduate’s professional practice. Understand, appreciate and value diversity in health and illness and assure the delivery of appropriate patient-centered care. Partner with individuals, groups and communities to achieve and maintain an optimal level of health through an interdisciplinary process.

The Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.) program is offered online and requires 43 credits. A full-time or part-time program is available in the Nursing Education option at the discretion of the SON. Delivery of a master’s degree program option in any academic year is based on number of total applicants and ability to establish a full cohort at the time of the admission process as determined by SON.

Program Requirements

  • Required Coursework take the following courses, take 43 credits
    43 credits
    Take the following courses:
    NURS6600 - Theortical Found Nurs Pract
    3 credits
    NURS6602 - Health Policy
    3 credits
    NURS6610 - Adv Evidence Application
    3 credits
    NURS6612 - Health Care Rural Community
    2 credits
    NURS6613 - Health Assessment
    2 credits
    NURS6613L - Health Assessment Lab
    1 credit
    NURS6620 - Adv Human Pathophysiology
    3 credits
    NURS6621 - Adv Nursing Role
    2 credits
    NURS6633 - Rethinking Nursing Education
    3 credits
    NURS6635 - Curriculum Issues and Devl
    3 credits
    NURS6639 - Teach Learn Strat Nurs Educ
    3 credits
    NURS6640 - Eval Issues Stratg Nurse Ed
    3 credits
    NURS6647L - Adv Practicum in Nursing Ed
    1 - 6 credits
    NURS6655 - Advanced Leadership
    3 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.