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Digital Innovation + Design (B.A.)

Bachelor Degree
Boise State University
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Instruction Method
Time to Degree
4 years

About the Program

By completing a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation + Design, you will have competencies in the human skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation; the managing and using new and emerging digital technologies; and the application of design thinking principles to thrive in the modern digital workplace. Specifically, the degree will prepare you for user experience design, digital project management, creative content creation and data specialist positions. You will pick from the DID courses and certificates you are most interested in to design your degree.

Program Requirements

  • Student Success Curriculum take the following courses, take 10 credits
    10 credits
    Student Success Curriculum
    COID101 - Introduction to Digital Innovation and Design Degree
    3 credits
    COID201 - Teamwork Studio
    1 credit
    COID301 - Design Your Life
    1 credit
    COID490 - Capstone for Digital Innovation and Design (FF)
    1 credit
  • First Year Certificate in Innovation and Design take the following courses, take 12 credits
    12 credits
    Complete a First Year Cerificate in Innovation and Design
    COID330 - Creative Concepting
    3 credits
    COID331 - Growth Hacking
    3 credits
    COID332 - Analytics for Design
    3 credits
    COID333 - Emerging Technology
    3 credits
  • Take 2-3 Certificates to total at least 19 credits complete 2 of the following requirements
    19 - 24 credits
    Choose from the following certificates:
    Content Production Certificate
    UX Design Certificate
    TEsports Certificate
    Data Analysis for All Certificate
    IT Support for All Certificate
    Project Management for All Certificate
  • Choose at least 1 certificate complete 1 of the following requirements
    12 credits
    Choose from the following certificates:
    Applied Leadership: Growing into a High-Impact Leader Certificate
    Cyber Operations Certificate
    Plus Business Certificate
    User Research (UX) Professional Certificate
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.