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Integrated Strategic Communications (B.A.)

Bachelor Degree
Boise State University
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Instruction Method
Time to Degree
4 years

About the Program

The BA in Integrated Strategic Communications is a fully online, 30-credit degree program designed to meet the growing and shifting demands for communications professionals in corporate, non-profit, health, sport and government agencies. You can transfer in coursework completed at a regionally accredited institution or start your degree at Boise State University through our Online Degree Pathway. The 7-week courses integrate communications and media competencies within a public relations framework

Program Requirements

  • Upper Division Major Requirements take the following courses, take 30-60 credits
    30 - 60 credits
    Take these courses:
    PRO300 - Introduction to Public Relations
    3 credits
    PRO301 - Technology for Professionals
    2 credits
    PRO302 - Preparing for the Profession
    1 credit
    PRO303 - Public Relations Campaign Strategies
    3 credits
    PRO320 - Business and Professional Communication
    3 credits
    PRO322 - Media and Social Media Strategies for Professionals
    3 credits
    PRO323 - Media Law
    3 credits
    PRO332 - Writing for Professionals
    3 credits
    PRO499 - Capstone (FF)
    3 credits
  • Advisor-Determined Courses take the following courses, take 6 credits
    6 credits
    You will work with your advisor based on your goals and credit needs to determine which courses you need. Choose at least two courses from the following:
    PRO304 - Professional Writing Basics
    3 credits
    PRO310 - Interviewing
    3 credits
    PRO311 - Multimedia Storytelling
    3 credits
    PRO312 - Conflict and Collaboration
    3 credits
    PRO313 - Public Relations Ethics
    3 credits
    PRO321 - Applied Research for Professionals
    3 credits
    PRO330 - Global Public Relations
    3 credits
    PRO331 - Public Relations Case Studies
    3 credits
    PRO333 - Community Relations
    3 credits
    PRO400 - Crisis Management
    3 credits
    PRO401 - Project Management
    3 credits
    PRO493 - Internship
    1 - 3 credits
  • Additional Requirements
    60 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.