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Interdisciplinary Professional Studies (B.A.)

Bachelor Degree
Boise State University
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Instruction Method
Time to Degree
4 years

About the Program

The Interdisciplinary Professional Studies program allows you to take creative ownership of your education by combining your ideas and experiences with new, interdisciplinary learning opportunities. You can transfer up to 80 credits of completed coursework or a regionally accredited associate degree. Credit for prior learning is available for students who've earned experiences outside of the classroom, accelerating your time to complete the degree and saving you money.

Program Requirements

  • Upper Division Requirements take the following courses, take 12 credits
    12 credits
    Take the following courses:
    IPS305 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Professional Studies
    1 credit
    IPS315 - Integrative Thinking
    2 credits
    IPS375 - Perspective Taking
    3 credits
    IPS385 - Asking Questions and Framing Problems
    3 credits
    IPS492 - Proposal for Capstone Project
    1 credit
    IPS495 - Capstone Project (FF)
    2 credits
  • Upper Division Electives
    10 credits
  • Electives
    43 credits
  • Upper Division Concentration: Complete courses in an individualized concentration
    18 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.