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Nursing (R.N. to B.S.)

Bachelor Degree
Boise State University
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Instruction Method
Time to Degree
3 semesters

About the Program

The RN-BS program is carefully designed to enhance your nursing skills, to advance your professional career, and to positively impact your academic progression by preparing you for graduate studies. We launched our online RN-BS track in 2008 and are proud to celebrate the graduation of over 2,500 registered nurses from our program.

As a student who has successfully completed at least one semester in a regionally accredited associate degree program, you can begin taking a few classes to get a head start on your bachelor’s in nursing degree. Whether you choose to dual enroll while completing your associate degree, or wait until you complete the RN program and sit for NCLEX, your degree requirements remain the same.

Program Requirements

  • Major Requirements complete the following 12 requirements
    30 credits
    Take the following:
    NURSRN350 - Professional Transitions in Nursing for the RN
    3 credits
    NURSRN392 - Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice
    3 credits
    NURSRN416 - Community and Populations Health Nursing
    3 credits
    NURSRN417 - Community & Population Lab
    3 credits
    NURSRN420 - Policy, Power, and Voice
    3 credits
    NURSRN422 - Care Coordination and Resource Management
    3 credits
    NURSRN425 - Nursing Leadership & Mgmt Lab
    3 credits
    NURSRN428 - Nursing Roles in Health Aging
    2 credits
    NURSRN432 - Personal and Professional Development
    1 credit
    NURSRN424 - Nursing Leadership and Management
    3 credits
    NURSRN400 - Interprofessional Capstone
    1 credit
    Enroll in this course twice, focusing on two different populations
    NURSRN430 - Selected Topics in Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations
    1 credit
  • Credit for Prior Learning
    24 credits
  • Transfer credit from AA or AS degree
    64 credits
  • Take at least 3 credits from the following: take the following courses, take 3 credits
    3 credits
    Statistics - Select one. NOTE: If MATH 153 or MATH 254 is completed, the "statistics course" requirement is fulfilled.
    HLTH280 - Introduction to Statistical Methods for Health Sciences
    3 credits
    MATH254 - Statistical Methods (FM)
    3 credits
    PSYC295 - Statistical Methods
    3 credits
    CJ426 - Statistics
    3 credits
    SOC310 - Elementary Social Statistics
    3 credits
    BUSSTAT207 - Introduction to Business Analytics
    3 credits
    BUSSTAT208 - Business Analytics
    3 credits
Grand Total Credits

* Please note that you must meet with an advisor each semester in order to verify degree completion time as well as online course offerings for the program requirements.